AC:220-240V 0.06A 50-60Hz


DC:12V 500mA 6W MAX


Features: constant voltage output, no stroboscopic

Warranty period: three years, five years, the whole lamp evaluation shall be provided

Certification Type: SAA

Specification Download
Shape size and vacancy diagram

Setting: MM

Introduction to Functions
  External installation, can be used for cabinet lamp and other standby lamps.
  Passive PFC is used to realize high power factor and low output ripple.
  Constant voltage output, direct drive of LED module is not allowed, and other constant current / DC-DC / dimming modules must be matched.
  Low standby power consumption.
  It has reliable and perfect overload and output short circuit protection, and can automatically resume normal operation after abnormal removal.
  Input and output adopt isolation design.
  Long life design.